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gk question in english with answer 2022-23

1. Who is called the father of geography?

Answer – Eratosthenes

2. What is the group of different planets, asteroids, comets, meteors and other celestial bodies revolving around the Sun called?

north solar system

3. How much of the matter in the Solar System system is contained on the Sun?

Answer- 99.999 Part

4. What is the source of all energy in the solar system?

north sun

5. Which is the largest volcano in the solar system?

Answer – Olympus Mons

6. Who is called the birth giver of the solar system?

north to the sun

7. How many revolutions of the Sun are there tomorrow?

Answer – 25 crores

8. How does the Sun rotate on its axis?

from north-east to west

9.What is the Sun?

Answer- a kind of gaseous ball

10. What is the central part of the Sun called?

Answer – Core

11. How old is Surya?

Answer – 4.6 billion years

12. What is the time in future to give energy by the sun?

Answer – 10 billion years

13. How many times bigger is the Sun than the diameter of the Earth?

Answer- 110 times

14. Sun is a ball of which gas?

Answer – Hydrogen and Helium

15. How much part of the solar heat does the earth get?

Answer – 2 billionth

16. What is the name of the body revolving around the Sun?

north planet

17. What is the name of a body that moves around a planet?

north satellite

18. Who discovered the law of planetary motion?

Answer – Caplar

19. How many total constellations are there in space?

Answer- 89

20. What did ancient India consider the Sun?

north planet

21. What is the decreasing order of planets according to size?

Answer – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Varuna, Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury

22. Which is the fifth planet of the solar system?

north earth

23. Mineral oil is found in which rock?

in sedimentary rocks

24. Into how many parts are rocks divided on the basis of origin?

Answer – Three (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic)

25. What is the area of ​​the center of the earth called?

north-central part

26. What are sedimentary rocks?

north layered

27. Which is called the oldest rock?

north igneous rock

28. How many types of minerals are found in the earth?

Answer- 2000

29. What is the study of earthquakes called?

Answer – Seismology

30. On what scale is the intensity of an earthquake measured?

on the Richter scale

31. Who developed the Richter scale?

Answer- by American scientist Charles Richter (1935 AD)

32. How many types of vibrations are there in an earthquake?

Answer – Three (Primary wave, Second wave and L wave)

33. What is the velocity of the primary wave of an earthquake?

Answer – 8 km/s

34. Through which medium does the primary wave pass?

Answer- Through every medium inside the earth

35. What is the velocity of second wave?

Answer – 4 km/s

36. Through which medium does the second wave pass?

Answer- Only through hard medium

37. On the basis of origin, how many types of mountains are there?

Answer – 4

38. What percentage of the world’s population lives on the mountains?

Answer – 1 percent

39. What is the name of the latest ranges?

North Himalayas

40. What is the flat part of the earth’s surface with a height of less than 500 feet called?

north field

41. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

Answer- Please tell us the answer of this question in the comment

42. Where is Maselo Port?

in north brazil

43. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

North Lake Superior

44. What is the wide expansion that surrounds the earth called?

north atmosphere

45. What is the upper layer of the atmosphere called?

Answer: Aerology

46. ​​Which gas helps the object to burn faster?

Answer – Nitrogen

47. Which gas produces proteins in plants?

Answer – Nitrogen

48. Which gas is the main source of energy?

Answer – Oxygen

49. Oxygen expands to what height of the atmosphere?

Answer – 64 kms.

50. Which is the heaviest gas?

Answer – CO2

51. How many layers does the atmosphere have?

Answer – 5

52. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere?

north troposphere

53. Which circle is called the convection zone?

north troposphere

54. Where did Mahavira founded the Jain Sangh?

in north pava

56. What is the fundamental point of Jainism?

Answer- Please tell us the answer of this question in the comment

57. With whom is Mahamastakabhishek related to the great religious event?

Answer – Bahubali

58. What is the worship of Lord Shiva called?


59. What is the written description of the events of human life called?


60. Who is considered the father of history?

Answer – Herodotus

61. In which period fire was invented?

In the late Palaeolithic period

62. The doors of which cities of the people of Indus Civilization used to open towards the main road?

North of Lothal Nagar

62 What is the main crop of Indus Civilization?

Answer – Wheat and Barley

63,Which did the people of Saidhawa use for sweetness?

north of honey

64. Which is the most diverting river /?

North Kosi River

65. Which is the longest canal of India?

Answer – Indira Gandhi Canal

66. Which is the most populous city of India?

Answer – Mumbai

67. Which is the largest desert of India?

north thar desert

68. Which is the most populated city?

Answer – Mumbai

69. Which is the union territory with the highest population density?

North Delhi

70. What is the percentage of India’s population to the world’s population?

Answer – 17.70%

71. How many states of India are bordered by the coast line?

Answer – 9

72. What is the percentage of plains in Sampuran India?

Answer – 44%

73. Which mountains are on the northern border of India?

North Himalayas

74. In which state of India is Kangchenjunga located?

North Sikkim

75. Which is the highest mountain in Uttarakhand?

Answer – Nanda Devi

76. What are the small grasslands on the slopes of the Lesser Himalayan range called?

north side

77. How many islands are there in India?

answer me

78. Which is the holy river of India?

Answer – Ganga

79. What is Ganga called in Gangotri?

Answer – Bhagirathi

80. By what name is Ganga known in Bangladesh?

Answer – Padma

81. Tawa is a tributary of which river?

Answer – Narmada River

82. Where does the Kaveri river fall?

North Bay of Bengal

83. Which is the highest dam of India?

North Tehri Dam

84. Which is the longest dam of India?

Answer – Harikood Dam

85. Bhakra Dam is on which river?

Answer – Mahanadi (Odisha)

86. Agra is situated on the banks of which river?

Answer – Yamuna

87. Cuttack is situated on the banks of which river?

North Mahanadi

88. What is the weather condition in a region for a long time called?

Answer- Climate of that Kshetra

89. Which scientist was the first to describe the Indian monsoon?

Answer – Al Masuti

90. What is the climate of India?

north tropical monsoon

91. What is the atmospheric state of a region over a short period of time called?

Answer – Weather of that area

92. In which year weather related service was started in India?

Answer- 1875 AD.

93. Which areas of India get 200 mm of rainfall?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

94. What are the characteristics of monsoon climate?

weather change in the direction of north wind

95. What is the average rainfall in India?

Answer- 118 mm

96. Where does winter rain occur in India?

Answer – In Tamil Nadu and Odisha

97. What is the main basis of agriculture of a country?

Answer- Soil of that ten

98. What is another name of black soil?

Answer – Regur soil

99. Who is called Bangar?

Answer – Old alluvial soil

100. Black soil is most useful for which crop?

Answer – Cotton

You have read Top 100 Geography related questions so far, now you will read History related questions and answers, thank you for reading till here

50 GK Questions With Answers

1. Who was the main resident of Indus Civilization?

Answer – Dravidian and Mediterranean

2. What type of civilization is the Indus civilization?

north urban

3. Which are the major ports of Indus Civilization?

Answer – Lothal

4. Where was the evidence of fire pit found in the Indus civilization?

Answer – In Lothal and Kalibangan

5. In the Indus civilization, what did people worship the earth as?

Answer – Goddess of Fertility

6. The worship of which deity was most prevalent in the Indus civilization?

Answer – Mother Goddess

7. What was the special worship of animals in the Indus civilization?

North-humped bull

8. Where was the first evidence of rice found in the Indus civilization?

North in Lothal

9. Into which classes was the Harappan society divided?

Answer – Scholars, warriors, traders etc.

10. In which crop did the Harappans lead?

Answer – In cotton

11. What is considered to be the period of Purna Vedic?

Answer – 1500 BC – 600 BC

12. What is the meaning of the word Arya?

Answer – superior or noble

13. What is the language of Aryans?

Answer- Sanskrit

14. How many Vedas are there?

Answer – 4

15. Which are the most ancient scriptures of India?

Answer – Vedas

16. What was the main occupation of the Aryans?

Answer – Animal Husbandry and Agriculture

17. Which is the oldest Veda?

Answer – Rigveda

18. How many mandalas are there in Rigveda?

Answer – 10

19. How many hymns are there in Rigveda?


20. How many hymns are there in Rigveda?

Answer- 10462

21. How many are the old ones?

Answer- 18

22. What is the main form of the wealth of Rigveda?

Answer – Godhan

23. Who is the exponent of Yoga Philosophy?

Answer – Patanjali

24. Which text is the basis of Hindu religion?

Answer – Vedas

25. Which are the holy books of Hinduism?

Answer – Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, Puranas

26. What is another name of Mahabharata?

Answer – Jai Sahita

27. Which is the biggest epic of the world?

Answer – Mahabharata

28. Vishnu Purana is related to which dynasty?

Answer- Maurya Dynasty\

29. Which one is not recognized in Jainism?

Answer – God’s

30. Whose beliefs are there in Jainism?

north of the soul

31. Mahavir Swami believed in ?

Answer – In reincarnation and karmawad

32. What is the symbol of Jain Tirthankar Mahavir Swami ?

Answer – Lion

33. What is the Mudhakar of Buddhism?

Answer – Four Noble Truths

34. What was the center of Buddhist education?

Answer – Vikramsheela

35. Which are the oldest viharas in India?

Answer – Nalanda

36. Whose book is Jataka?

Answer – of enlightenment

37. In which state is Bodh Gaya located?

Answer – Bihar

38. Who was the first to embrace Buddhism?

Answer – Mahaprajapati Gautami

39. What is the symbol of renunciation of the house of Buddha?

north horse

40. Whose concept is not there in Buddhism?

north of the soul

41. Whose beliefs are there in Buddhism?

Answer: Reincarnation

42. What is the symbol of the birth of Buddha?

Answer – Lotus

43. What is the worship of Lord Shiva called?

Answer – Shaiva

44. What is the religion related to Shiva called?

Answer: Shaivism

45. Who is mentioned for Shiva in Rigveda?

Answer – Rudra

46. ​​What is Shiva called in Atharvaveda?

Answer – Bhava, Shiva, Pashupati, Bhupati

47. Where are the Lingayat sects prevalent?

in North-South India

48. What is the Lingayat sect called?

north forest

49. Whom did the people of Lingayat sect worship?

Answer – Shivling

50. Who was the successor of Shishunaga?

Answer – Kalashok

51. Who built the Sanchi Stupa?

Important GK Questions with Answers

Answer – Ashoka

52. Who came to India after the Greeks?

Answer – doubt

53. In which year was Kabir born?

Answer- In 1425 AD.

53. Who founded the Mughal dynasty?

Answer – Babur

54. What was the official language of the Mughals?

North Persian

55. What was the Mughal ruler called?

Answer – Emperor

56. Who discovered the sea route between India and Europe?

Answer – Vasco da Gama

57. In which year did Guru Nanak die?

Answer- In 1539 AD.

58. What are the followers of Guru Nanak called?

Answer – Sikh

59. Which island of India is built in?

Answer – Mumbai

60. When did the Battle of Plassey take place?

Answer- In 1757 AD.

61. When was the tricolor flag hoisted for the first time?

Answer – December 29, 1929 AD.

62. Who was the successor of Samudragupta?

Chandragupta II

63. Who was the worshiper of Samudragupta?

Answer – Vishnu

64. Who was the most famous ruler to control the Silk Road?

Answer – Kushan

65. In which country was the technology of making silk first invented?

in north china

66. In which year did Gandhiji start the no tax movement?

Answer- In 1918 AD. (in Kheda district of Gujarat)

67. Where was the Swaraj Party founded?

Answer – In Allahabad

68. When did the Simon Commission come to India?

Answer- In February 1928 AD.

69. Which party did Jayaprakash Narayan belong to?

Answer – Socialist Party

70. Who suggested that the Congress be abolished after attaining independence?

Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

71. Where is the tomb of Lal Bahadur Shastri?

Answer – In Vijay Ghat

72. Who gave the slogan of do not do tax?

Answer – Sardar Patel

73. When was the first freedom struggle in India?

Answer- In 1857 AD.

74. When did the battle of Tarain take place?

Answer- In 1191 AD.

75. Who is the author of Panchatantra?

Answer – Vishnu Sharma

76. Which notes are in circulation at present?

Answer- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500,2000 Rs.

77. Where is the bank note press?

Answer – In Dewas (Madhya Pradesh)

100 easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English

100 easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English: Let us now know the questions related to history, if you want to ask any kind of answer, then definitely tell us in the comment

1. Which is the largest cave temple of India?

Answer – Ellora (Aurangabad)

2. By what name did the Greeks or Greeks call the cotton produced in the Indus region?


3. What is the Indus Valley Civilization known for?

Answer – For your town planning

4, What did the people of Indus civilization consider the earth to be worshiped?

Answer – Goddess of Fertility

5. Where was Hazrat Muhammad Sahab buried?

North in Medina

6, What was the most organized part of the Chola army?

north-posted army

What were the worshipers of Vishnu called?

Answer – Alwar

8. What were the worshipers of Shiva called?

Answer – Nayanar

9.Jayangodar was the poet of whom?

Answer – Kulotung-1

10. What is the front called?

in the north provinces

9. What is the first of the district called?

Answer – subject husband

10. Who was the court poet of Harsha?

Answer – Banbhat

13. What is the head of the district called?

subject matter

14, In whom was the division of the Bhukta done?

Answer: In districts

15, What is the province called?


16, What was the gold coin called in the Chola period?

Answer – Kashu

17. What was the main feature of the Chola administration?

local self-government

18.Who established the independent kingdom of Cholo?

Answer – Aditya I

19. Whom did Vijayalaya tell the capital?

Answer – Tanjay

20. The Hoysala dynasty was a branch of which dynasty]?

Answer – Yadav Dynasty

21. Who founded the Kadamba dynasty?

Answer – Mayur Sherman

22. What was the capital of Kadamba dynasty?

north forest dweller

23, What is the meeting of traders called?

north nagaram

24.Who was the most majestic king of the Yadava dynasty?

north lion

26. Who founded the Yadav dynasty of Devagiri?

Answer – Bhilma Pancham

27. On which subjects did Raja Bhoj write texts?

Answer – On Medical Mathematics and Grammar

28. Who founded Bhojpur city?

Answer – Raja Bhoj

29. Which dynasty emerged after Paraman dynasty?

Answer – Of Tomar dynasty

30. Who founded the city of Delhi?

Answer – Tomar Naresh Anangpal

31. Whose title did Mihirbhoja adopt in honor of Vishnu?

Answer – of Adi Varaha

33. Where did King Dhang move his capital from Kalinjar?

Answer – Khajuraho

34, Whose title did Raja Bhoj take?

Answer: Kaviraj’s

35.Who got the Saraswati temple built in his capital?

Answer – Raja Bhoj

36. When did the Arabs conquer Sindh?

Answer-712 E

37,Who was the last ruler of the Solanki dynasty?

Answer: Bhima-11

38, at which place the rulers of the Sisodia dynasty are called rulers

on the north-mewar

39. What was the capital of Mewar?

North Chittor

40.Who was the first Muslim woman?

Answer – Razia Begum

41,Who started the system of Sijda and Pabos in the court?

Answer: Balban

42. Who is considered to be the founder of Mislim Raj in India?

Answer – Muhammad Ghori

43,Muhammad Ghori belonged to which dynasty?

Answer – Shansabani

44. Which sultan used to make a living by sewing a cap?

Answer – Nasiruddin Masood Shah

45. What was the court language of Delhi Sultanate?


46,Who started the system of Iqtadari

Answer – Iltutmish

47,Who established the Hindusahi dynasty of Punjab?

Answer – Kallar

48, How long did Aramshah rule?

Answer – 8 months

49. Who completed the work of Qutub Minar?

Answer – Iltutmish

50.Who was the last ruler of the slave dynasty?

Answer – Shammudin Kaimurm

51, Which dynasty came after the slave dynasty?

Answer – Khalji dynasty

52. Which Khilji ruler assumed the title of Khalifa?

Answer – Happy Khilji

53, How many canals did Firoz build?


54. How many canals were established by Firoz?


55, Which department was established to help girls

Answer – Diwan-e Khairat

56, When was the coronation of Firoz Tughlaq?

Answer – 1351 E, Main

57, What was the value of these coins equal to?

Answer – Silver Rupees of Tanka

58, when Baban assumed the title of emperor

Answer – In 1507 AD

59, what was the childhood name of Shersah

Answer – Farid Khan

60. Who was the successor of Babur?

Answer – Humayun

61, Who founded the city named Dinpanah?

Answer – 1533 AD, Humayun

62, Bhakta Tukaram, contemporary of which Mughal emperor

Descendants of Jahangir

63,Who was the originator of Qadri Dharmasangh in India?

Answer – Muhammad Ghaus

64. Where was the female Sufi Rabiya from?


65. Sufi Silsila is related to which religion?

north from islam

66, How many rulers were there in Bahmani kingdom?


67. What is the meaning of eighteen ?

Answer – Land Revenue Department

68. What is the meaning of Pir Panjal?


69. When did Zain ul Abadin ascend the throne?

Answer – 1420 AD

70. Who established the Hindu state in Kashmir?

Answer – Suhadeva in 13O1 e

71 Who established the Muslim dynasty in Kashmir?

Answer: In 1339 AD, Shah Mir

72 For how many years did Jaunpur last?

Answer = up to 75 years

73. Who came after the slave dynasty

Answer – Khilji dynasty

74. Where did Muhammad bin Tughlaq move his capital from Delhi

Answer – In Devagiri

75. What is made of volcanic eruption

Answer.Lonnar Lake

76 Dal Lake is in which state of India

Answer. in Jammu and Kashmir

77 Who is called the father of history

Answer – Herodotus

78. At which place in the Indus Abhayta were the avasesam of the well found in the houses?

Answer – Mohenjodaro

79, is the marriage of a higher class woman with a lower class man?

ans-inverse marriage

For how many years did Mahavil do penance?

Answer – Up to 12 years

81, In which Kshatriya gotra did Mahamir deliver his sermons?


82. Who is the exponent of Vedanta philosophy?

Answer :- Badrayan

83. In ancient India Nishk Kine was called?

Answer:-Golden Jewelery

84. Who is the opponent of Yoga philosophy?

Answer: Patanjali

85. The earliest evidence of the practice of Leh Chhatu in India has been found?

Answer :- From Atranjikheda

86. Charaka Samhita book is related to?

Answer :- Medically

87. What was the governance system of the Vedic era?

Answer :- Republic

88 For how many years did Mahavir do penance?

Answer: – Up to 12 years

89. Into how many Ganadhars did Mahavira divide his disciples?

Answer ;-11 Holders

90. Who became the first Bhera or chief preacher of Jainism?

Answer :- Arya Sudharma

91. When did there be a severe famine of 12 years in Magadha?

Answer :- 300 BC

92, Who was the 24th and last Tirthankar of Jainism?

Answer :- Mahavir Swami

’93. Which Buddhist monk had dialogues with Zara Milind?

Answer :- Nagsen

94. What is not the same thing as Buddhism and Jainism?

Answer: Ahimsa

95. Who is the author of Mahavibhasha Shasva?

Answer :- Vasumitra

96. Which is the holy book of Islam religion?

Answer :- Quran

97. What are the followers of this religion called?

Answer: Agni worshiper

98. Which is the main text of Christianity?

Answer – Bible

99. Who was the contemporary of Alexander?

Uttar Dhananand

100. Which is the holy book of Islam religion?

Answer – Quran

top 100 gk questions in english

1. Where was Guru Nanak born?

Answer – Amritsar

2. Who gave the slogan of Delhi Chalo?

Answer – Subhash Chandra Bose

3. Who is called the father of the Constitution of India?

Answer- Dr. B. R. to ambedkar

4. When did railways start in India?

Answer – From 1853 AD

5. When did the non-cooperation movement happen?

Answer – In 1920

6. When was the Gandhi Irwin Pact?

Answer – March 5, 1931 ( top 100 gk questions in hindi )

7. When did Mahatma Gandhi go to South Africa?

Answer – In 1893 AD

8. When did Champaran Satyagraha take place?

Answer – In 1917

9. When did the Chauri-Chora incident happen?

Answer – In February 5, 1922

10. When was the partition of Bengal announced?

Answer – In 1905 AD

11. What is called the Black Law?

Answer – Rowlatt Act

12. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?

Answer – In 1919

13. In which year the Quit India Movement started?

Answer – 1942

14. Who wrote the book The Great Revolt?

Answer – Ashok Mahata

15. Who named the revolt of 1857 as revolution?

Answer: Karl Marx

16. What was the main reason for the revolt of 1857?

Answer – grease cartridge

17. Who was the Governor General of India during the Revolt of 1857?

Answer – Lord Canning

18. In which place was Rani Lakshmi Bai born?

Answer – In Kashi

19. When did the Santhal rebellion take place?

Answer – In 1855

20. When was the English East India Company established in India?

Answer – 1600 AD

21. Who was the leader of the Santhal rebellion?

Answer – Sindhu and Kanhu

22. What was the main reason for the establishment of colonization by the British in India?

Answer- Getting raw material and selling the goods manufactured by them in India

23. Who gave the Diwani of Bengal to the East India Company?

Answer – Shah Alam II

24. Who was the first European to come to India?

Answer – Portugal

25. When did the Battle of Plassey take place?

Answer- Battle of Plassey took place in 1753 AD

26. Where is the dargah of Khajwa Moiddin Chishti situated?

Answer – In Ajmer

27. Whose teaching is stored in the Bijak?

Answer- Kabir

28. Who was the famous Sen of Bengal?

Answer – Chaitya Mahaprabhu

29. Who was born in a place called Talwandi?

Answer: Nanak’s

30. Who was the disciple of the great poet Kabir?

Answer – Ramanand

31. Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India?

Answer – Babur

32. Who was the last Mughal emperor of India?

Answer – Bahadur Shah Zafar

33. In which year did the first battle of Panipat take place?

Answer – In 1526 AD

34. When did Akbar start the Din-e-Ilahi religion?

Answer – In 1581 AD

35. Who was the finance minister of Akbar?

Answer – Raja Todarmal

36. What was the name of the only Hindu who followed the Din-e-Ilahi religion run by Akbar?

Answer – Birbal

37. On the bank of which river is the Taj Mahal situated?

Answer – On the banks of river Yamuna

38. Who built the Taj Mahal?

Answer – Shah Jahan

39. Who composed the Akbarnama?

Answer – Abul Fazl

40. In which language was the Mahabharata composed?

Answer- Sanskrit

41. For how many days did the Mahabharata war last in the field of Kurukshetra?

Answer – Up to 18 days

42. Who was called the son of Ganga?

Answer – Bhishma

43. In how many types is the subject matter of Mahabharata?

answer me

43. How many types of war are described in Mahabharata?

Answer – 8 types

44. Who composed the Mahabharata?

Answer – Ved Vyas

45. Who was the third ruler of the Maurya Empire?

Answer – Ashok

46. ​​Who is the author of Arthashastra?

Answer – Kautilya and Chanakya

47. Which ruler of India is called Napoleon?

Answer – Samudragupta

48. Where was the capital of Magadha in ancient times?

Answer – Pataliputra

49. When was the economics created

Answer – 4th century BC

top 100 gk questions in english must read this article till the end because all the questions are going to be very important.

50. Who discovered Mohenjodaro in 1922 AD?

Answer – Rakhaldas Vannerjee

51. During whose reign did the third Buddhist culture take place?

Answer – Ashok K

52. Which Mughal emperor was the first to consume tobacco?

Answer – Akbar

53. When did the second battle of Panipat take place?

Answer – In 1556 AD

54. When did the great revolution of 1857 start?

Answer – May 10

55.Who founded the Vijayanagara Empire?

Answer: Harihara and Bukka

56. What did the rulers of Vijayanagara call themselves?

Answer – Rai

57. Pataliputra city was established by whom?

Answer – By Udaybhadra

58. Who was Megasthenes?

Answer – Ambassador

59. How many Puranas are there?

Answer- 18

60. Where is Taxila University located?

Answer – In Pakistan

61. Who was the first ruler of the Maurya Empire?

Answer – Chandragupta Maurya

62. How many stupas of Ashoka were built in the Buddhist tradition?

Answer – 84,000

63. Who was the first Tirthankara of Jainism?

Answer – Rishabhdev

64. Which new principle was added by Mahavir Swami in the theory of Parshvanath?

Answer – Brahmacharya

65. When was Champaran Satyagraha started in Bihar?

Answer – In 1917

66. The Act of 1919 is called?

Answer- Mountague-Chelmsford Reform Act

67. When did the Simon Commission come to India?

Answer – In 1928

68. Who was the founder of Swaraj Party?

Answer- Motilal Nehru and C.R. Slave

69. When did Gandhiji start the non-cooperation movement?

Answer – Since 1920

70. Who gave the slogan of Karo or Maro?

Answer – Gandhiji

top 100 gk questions in english

71. In which year the Poona Pact was signed?

Answer – In 1932

72. In which year the Rowlatt Act was passed?

Answer – In 1919

73. In which state is Dundee located?

Answer – In Gujarat

74. In which year was the Constituent Assembly formed?

Answer – In 1946 AD

75. Who was the chairman of the Planning Commission of 1950 AD?

Answer – Jawaharlal Nehru

76. Where was the first session of the All India State People’s Conference held?

Answer – In 1927 AD

77. The path to salvation in the Hindu tradition is

Answer – The path of knowledge, the path of action and the path of devotion

78. What does Khanqah mean?

Answer – Ashram

79. What does Khalsa mean?

Answer- Gurugovindra Singh

80. Padmavat composed by the owner Muhammad Jayasi was?

Answer: A love story

81. The battle of Deccan is called?

Answer – Talikote War

82. When was the Vijayanagara Empire established?

Answer – In 1336 AD

83. When was the Mughal Empire established in India?

Answer – In 1526 AD

84. Which part of Babar Nama is known as ‘Ain-i-Akbari’?

Answer – Part III

85. When was Gautam Buddha born?

Answer – 563 BC

86. What was the name of the mother of Mahavir Swami?

Answer – Trishala

87. Who was the 23rd Tirthankar of Jainism?

Answer – Parshvanath

88. Under which tree did Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment?

Answer – Peepal tree

89. The ancient Indian epic is

Answer – Ramayana and Mahabharata

90. Into how many parts was the Harappan settlement divided?

Answer – 2

91. Survey of India was formed in?

Answer – In 1878 AD

92. When was the Hindu Mahasabha established?

Answer – In 1913 AD

93. When was the Muslim League established?

Answer – In 1906 AD

94. Sovereignty is vested in the Indian Constitution?

Answer – President

95. When was the Gateway of India built?

Answer- In 1911 AD

96. Who led the great revolution of 1857 in Bihar?

Answer – Kunwar Singh

97. Where is the famous Virupaksha Temple located?

Answer – In Hampi

98. Who gave the slogan of Inquilab Zindabad?

Answer – Bhagat Singh

99. Who gave the slogan of giving me blood, I will give you freedom?

Answer – Subhash Chandra Bose

100. Which king first issued gold coins in India?

Answer – Yavana Raja

General Knowledge Question Answer General Knowledge

Q. Where was Vasco da Gama from?

Ans :- Portugal

Q. Where is Hawa Mahal located?

Ans:- Jaipur

Q. Which Sikh Guru is considered the founder of Sikhism?

Ans :- Guru Nanak

Q. Which is the main festival of Sikhs?

Ans :- crutches

36.Which great man is called ‘Iron Man’?

Ans :- Sardar Patel

Q. Which is the national animal of India?

Ans :- Tiger

Q.. Which is the national bird of India?

Ans :- Peacock

Q. Which great man is called Netaji?

Ans :- Subhash Chandra Bose

Q. What is the name of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Samadhi located in Delhi?

Ans :- Vijay Ghat

Q. Who is the author of Mahabharata?

Ans :- Maharishi Ved Vyas

Q. Who wrote the book called Arthashastra?

Ans :- Chanakya (Kautilya)

Q. Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan?

Ans :- Lal Bahadur Shastri

Q. Who was the permanent president of the Constituent Assembly?

Ans :- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly?

AnsDr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Q. World ‘Red Cross Day is celebrated on which date?

Ans :- May 8

Q. Which country is famous by the name of ‘Sunrise Ka Desh’?

Ans :- Japan

Q. International Women’s Day is celebrated on which date?

Ans :- 8 March

Q. Which is the smallest state in India in terms of area?

Ans :- Goa

Q. Onam is the famous festival of which state?

Ans:- Kerala

Q. When did Delhi become the capital of India?

Ans :-1911

Q. Which is the brightest planet?

Ans :- Venus

Q. Which is the national aquatic animal of India?

Ans :- Ganga Dolphin

Q. Which is the national fruit of India?

Ans:- Mango

Q.. Which is the national flower of India?

Ans :- Kamal

Q. Which is the national tree of India?

Ans: Banyan

Q. Which is the national sport of India?

Ans:- Hockey

Q. What is the ratio between the length and width of the national flag of India?

Ans :- 3:2

Q. Who wrote the national anthem of India?

Ans :- Rabindranath Tagore

Q. Which is the national anthem of India?

Ans :- Vande Mataram

Q. Who has written the national anthem of India?

Ans :- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

gk questions in english

1. With which countries does India’s water border meet?

Answer – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives

2. What is the percentage of India’s area in the world’s area?

Answer- 2.42%

3. Which country is to the west of India?

Answer – Pakistan

4. What is the amount of protein in rice?

Answer- 23.4%

5. What is the total area of ​​India?

Answer – 32,87,263 KM

6. What is the name of the world’s deepest lake?

Answer – Lake Baikal

7. What is the total number of lamps in India?

Answer – 247

8. What is mentioned in Article 1?

Answer – Name and territory of the Union

9. Why does the sun always rise from the east?

Answer- Because our earth rotates from west to east

9. In which year Arjuna Award was instituted?

Answer – 1961 AD

10. Where is the National Sports Association located?

North in Patiala

11. Who is the author of the book Mother Teresa?

Answer – Naveen Chawla

12. Vijay Ghat is the name of whose tomb site?

Answer – Lal Bahadur Shastri

13. What is the symbol of United Nations Organization?

Answer – Olive leaves

14. Where is the Hazardwari Mahal located?

in North West Bengal

15. What is the stem of turmeric called?

north rhizome

16. Gayatri Mantra is related to which goddess?

Answer – Savita Devi

17. In which year did Hitler commit suicide?

Answer – 30 April 1945

18. By what name is the Earth’s galaxy known?

Answer – Mandakini

19. What was the original name of Dayanand Saraswati?

Answer – Moolshankar

20. Who can dissolve the state government?

Answer – Governor

21. How long is the term of the governor?

Answer – Up to 5 years

22. What is the other name of Simon Commission?

Answer- White I commission

23. Who was the judge who sentenced Bhagat Singh to death?

Answer – GC Hilton

24. What is the name of the Parliament of India?

Answer – Parliament

25. Who dug the grave of Akbar and burnt his bones?

Answer – Rajaram

26. What is the main composition of Gobar gas?

Answer – Methane

27. What is the name of the smallest guarantee of the human body?

north pituitary

28. Where is the maximum production of coconut?

Answer – In Kerala

29. The highest production of tea is?

in North-Assam

30. Where is the maximum production of chillies?

in north Maharashtra

31. Which state is the largest producer of rice?

North West Bengal

32. The permanent memory of the computer is called?

Answer – ROM

33. When is National Science Day celebrated?

Answer – 28 February

34. Who founded the Arya Samaj?

Answer – Swami Dayandasaraswati

35. Who was the founder of Yogya Darshan?

Answer – Patanjali

36. Who founded Pakistan?

Answer- Mohd. Ali Jinnah

37. Who started the magazine Kesari?

Answer – Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak

38. In which state Dudhsagar waterfall is situated?

North Goa

39. Who invented the television?

Answer – John Logie Baird

40. What is the script of Punjabi language?

Answer – Gurmukhi

41. In which country was the paper invented?

in north china

42. Where did Lord Buddha attain enlightenment?

Answer – Bodhgaya

43. Where is the headquarters of Eastern Railway?

Answer – Kolkata

44. Whose disciple was Kabir?

Answer – Ramanand

45. Who was the author of Prithvi Raj Raso?

Answer – Chandravardai

46. ​​In which place did the Khilafat movement take place?

Answer – Lucknow

47. In which year Azad Hind Fauj was established?

Answer – In 1943

48. In which year the Indian Universities Act was passed?

Answer- 1904 AD.

49. Fundamental rights have been taken from the constitution of which country?

from North America

50. When did America participate in World War II?

Answer- 6 August 1945 AD

GK Questions With Answers

  1. Who is called the light beam of Asia? Answer- Lord Buddha
  2. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s son? Answer- Rahul
  3. Topic Which country has the most active volcanoes? Answer – USA
  4. What was the other name of Bhishma in Mahabharata? Answer – Devavrat
  5. How many satellites does Jupiter have in total? Answer- 79 satellites
  6. Which state is the largest producer of coal in India? Answer – Jharkhand
  7. Which are the oldest Vedas? Answer – Rigveda
  8. Who is there of Lakshmi of wealth? north owl
  9. Which Indian state was annexed during the British period under the Harap policy? Answer – Jhansi, Nagpur and Satara
  10. Which country shares its land border with most countries? North China
  11. Who was the first governor of India? Answer – William Batick
  12. Which gas is mainly found in Gobar gas? Answer – Methane
  13. Which metal is the best conductor of electricity? Answer – Silver
  14. By what name is the desert known in India? Answer – Thar
  15. What is the length of a cricket pitch? Answer – 20.12 meters
  16. Which country is the father of cricket game? north to england
  17. What is the weight of the ball used in cricket? Answer – 155 grams
  18. What is Vitamin K helpful in? Answer – In making blood clot
  19. What percentage of the lithosphere is covered by mountains? Answer – 26%
  20. What percentage of the lithosphere is plateau? Answer – 33%
  21. What percentage of the world’s population lives in plateaus? Answer- 9%
  22. Where does the cradle of civilization go? north to the mountains
  23. Which gas is found in the largest amount in our atmosphere? Answer – Nitrogen
  24. What are the permanent elements of the atmosphere? north climate
  25. Who is the chairman of NITI Aayog? Answer – Prime Minister
  26. How long is the term of the State Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir? Answer – 6 years
  27. Which planet is known as dwarf planet? Answer – Pluto
  28. Are Sharda act sambandhit? from child marriage
  29. At which place did Lord Buddha take his body? in north Kashmir
  30. Which is called the heaviest metal? Answer – Osmium
  31. When is World Forest Day celebrated? Answer – March 21
  32. What is used in mixing gold jewellery? Answer – Copper
  33. What is the name of laughing gas? Answer: Nitrous oxide
  34. Which film won the Oscar award in 2018? north water figure
  35. When was slavery outlawed in India? Answer- In 1843 AD .
  36. Where was the first underground railway station built in India? Answer – Himachal Pradesh
  37. What is meat production called? Answer – Red Revolution
  38. Is it an extinguishing gas? Answer – Carbon dioxide
  39. Which element is found in abundance in the human body? Answer: Carbon dioxide
  40. Who is the author of the national anthem of India? Answer- Rabindra Nath Tagore
  41. What is the ratio of the length and breadth of the national flag of India? Answer- 3:2
  42. Which was called the full national animal of the tiger? north deer
  43. When did Vande Mataram first go? Answer- In 1896 AD .
  44. Which is an alloy of zinc and copper? Answer – Brass
  45. In which state of India is the art of Sansi? North- Uttar Pradesh
  46. In which state is Bodhgaya located? North in Bihar
  47. Math temples are sambandhit from which religion? Answer – Buddhism
  48. Where did Mahavir Swami died? Answer – Pavapuri
  49. Who was the mother of Mahavir Swami? Answer – Trishala
  50. Which crops are sown throughout the year? down – rye

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